• Daten sammeln + auswerten

    Collect and analyses data

    Our patient registries facilitate the structured and unlimited collection of all clinical data on diagnosis, follow-up and treatment which may be relevant for quality assurance, documentation and for future analyses.

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  • rund um die Uhr

    Always and everywhere

    Our patient registries are web-based, which means they can be accessed at any time and from any place around the world. All registered users need is an internet connection and personal login details. Additional software does not need to be installed.

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  • Sicherheit – für alle Beteiligten

    Security – for everyone involved

    Data protection is one of the key issues with patient registries. This includes establishing a flexible authorization system which protects against unauthorized access, anonymizing sensitive patient data and setting up a technical infrastructure that can deliver all of this.

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  • einfach + flexibel

    Simple and flexible

    Clinical patient registries always have complex requirements; however the quality of the registry depends particularly on accurate entries. Therefore our patient registries are as simple as possible, as flexible as necessary and only as complex as needed in each individual case.

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  • Weltkarte - seit 2002

    Used around the world – since 2002

    Clinical data have been collected and analyzed in our patient registries for more than ten years. Today around 600 physicians work with our solution in approximately 300 centers and have collected several million items of data over this time.

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The Roadmap

We accompany you through every project phase: from inception to the first report. Find out how a typical patient registry project unfolds.


Our solution

Our web-based solution focuses on ensuring a high level of security, user-friendliness and flexibility with regard to data fields and features.

The solution


We have both asked and answered many questions over the past ten years. We have compiled a list of the most important questions and answers here.

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